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This is just a brief look at some of my favorite movies. Not all of them, of course. Just some that seem to have risen above the rest for whatever reason. I've divided the list into categories that are self-explanatory.

Movies with a strong Spiritual, Moral, or Social Message
Shawshank Redemption The parallels between the story and the Christian faith are powerful, and this paragraph cannot do them justice. See the movie.
Amistad Compelling story of slaves fight for freedom. One of the few Hollywood movies that accurately depicts the Evangelical involvement against slavery.
Network Scathing social satire about the "do-anything-for-ratings" philosophy of network TV. Even though the film was released in 1976, you'll find yourself shaking your head at it's prophetic vision. Won four Academy Awards.
The Green Mile Another strong picture of Jesus Christ, right down to the initials of John Coffey.
Quiz Show What is it worth to tell the Truth?
The Player A blistering look at the shallowness of Hollywood and those who run it.
The Truman Show Critical look at a superficial society consumed with voyeuristic television. (Sadly, the industry that created and praised such a movie continues to miss it's point.)
Ulee's Gold Family and Duty.
Traffic Powerful, powerful, movie about the far-reaching consequences of the drug trade.

Other Great Movies
Arlington Road I never even saw it coming.
The Usual Suspects Awesome ending.
The Matrix Great Sci-Fi (thumbs down on the portrayal of the Christ figure).
October Sky Wonderful movie about dreams, friends, and family.
The Sixth Sense Suspenseful. Can't say anything more or it would ruin it.
Sommersby Romance with non-Hollywood ending.
Spartacus Powerful epic - the original "Gladiator"
Spitfire Grill Chic Flick.
Unbreakable If you loved comics as a kid, see this movie.

Movies That Everyone Said Were Great, But Weren't
The English Patient Love? Romance? Uh, no. It simply does a great job of getting you to root for a selfish, adulterous affair.
Shakespeare In Love Ditto.
American Beauty My life is a grocery bag floating in the wind. Please. Once again the conservative religious guy is a basket-case. And the "hero" is a drug dealer to boot.
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