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Stavesacre The best band you've never heard. Period.
Saviour Machine Christian gothic rock opera soundtrack for the end of the world.
Stryper What can I say?
Cool Hand Luke Beautiful and convicting.
American Life League Defending those who cannot defend themselves.
The Stand Live Christian comedy and music at reasonable prices.
Apologetics Press on the Web Excellent Scientific Apologetic Resources.
Faith Connector Quality and affordable web site packages for your church.
Computer / Internet
Home of the Underdogs Abandonware and Old Software.
VICE Commodore Computers Emulator (VIC, C-64, Pet).
iBoss Hardware-based internet content filter for your family.
Spam Gourmet A great way protect yourself from spam when you have to enter a valid
  email address on a website.
On-line Shopping
Rad Rockers Out-Of-Print and Hard-to-Find Christian music. The of the Christian universe.
ComputerLX Great PCs, affordable prices, excellent service.
Think Geek Toys and T-Shirts for Geeks.
Fostertribe Blog My Blog. Yech.
Plex Systems Where I work.
Margolis Eric Margolis - Foreign Correspondent.
Screen It Movie Reviews for Parents.
Grand Canyon My trip to the Grand Canyon in 2004 with His2Overcome.
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